Hi – I’m Mary!

Welcome to the blog… 🙂

I’m a realtor in Minneapolis and there is so much to love about my job and and my city!

The most satisfying thing for me is helping someone find a home of their own. I love it because I know what a difference buying my first home – age 26, single, making very little money, with the help of down payment assistance – made in my life. It enabled me to “build wealth”, as is said in the biz. What that means is that my money went toward an asset and that asset appreciated and that let me translate that little house into something else. A choice I would not have had otherwise. And that cycle has repeated. I am a home ownership advocate!

I’m also a thrifty / mechanically minded person, so having the chance to learn how to take care of a home and depend on as few people as possible while I do so makes me happy. I love fixing things. I love improving my home. I love understanding how things work. It’s empowering to me.

I also love history and love old homes. Living in Minneapolis gives me the chance to indulge in some eye candy! We have housing stock that is from over 100 years old to brand new loft conversions in old flour mills on the river. My neighborhood is one of the “newer” ones and the houses have their charms even at the spring chicken age of 80.

Finally, since I am not native to Minneapolis, I love learning about living in Minneapolis and life in Minnesota and I hope to share some of my discoveries with you.

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